Friday, December 21, 2012

Lacquer work

This a Traditional Lacquer pot. A 'liyelaa jehi gulhi' which i have made for a wedding cake stand. black,red and gold Acrylic colors were used. black and red were painted by using soft sponge while the lacquer effect was brought by gold using an fabric glue bottle. i tried to paint the lacquer work with a no.1 paint brush, unfortunately it was of no use since the paint was too overcome the problem i emptied a fabric paint bottle and poured in the gold paint for an overflowing effect of gold lines.

Colour Blowing :

Color Blowing
Colour Blowing is a form of art in which water colour is used on art paper.water colour drops a blown by air in different directions to bring out an abstract or an illusion alive. i've used basic water colour on Art paper no.100. in which i have pre coloured it with light blue paint to make an effective background.

Monday, October 1, 2012


The Maldives is famed for its rare underwater beauty. The profusion of psychedelic colors and the abundance and variety of life underwater have fascinated divers and snorkelers since Maldives was discovered as a diving destination. The highest level of visibility that one could expect- sometimes exceeding 50 meters – and warm temperatures throughout the year makes diving in the Maldives a delight you would want to experience over and over again.
This Form Of Art Is 'Etching'.
Etching Is Done By Coloring the Sheet With Crayons In Any Pattern You want And Then By Applying Fabric Black Paint Over It To Cover Up.Wait Until The Paint Dries Up,Use A tooth Pick And Draw Out Any Image You Like.The Crayon Patterns Will Give A Glow To The drawing.
Bio Gadi GalhinEss!!
This Is A Pic Of LySh :) even if yu see her Back Ekani!! =P
I drew This Lysh Ge fahathuga HUregen!
Good Thing To Do When You Dont Have a Peak At the Smart Board At AV Room ^_^

Observation Drawing

Woven Crafts Are One Of the Things Which Portrays The Maldivian History.It Is A Highly Artistic Artwork, In Which The  Weavers Shape Thatch To Make The Objects Of His Desire.

This Is An Observation Drawing I Drew Of A Woven Thach Hat And A Plate Like Object.
It Took Around ! hour To Complete The Drawing.I've Used Faber Castle's Pencil Colours For The Colouring.

Crape paper and Wool Art

This Is A work Of Art Made Out Of Twisted Crape Paper And Wool.I've Used Different Colours Of Wool On One Side And The Mirror Image Is Done By Using Twisted Crape Paper Of The Respective Colour.